Friday, December 13, 2013

Zibbet and the Nursing Student Life

I am so excited to say that, as of Monday, December 9th, I have officially finished my second semester of my accelerated nursing program...which means that I am finished with 1/3 of the program! I cannot believe how fast time is flying by, but I guess it is expected since I have been so busy. Aside from school, I completed a leadership program and competed in two pageants. I did not win in any of the pageants, but I thought it would be a good experience to have before the Miss CA USA 2014 pageant begins...and I cannot deny that I have made some friends along the way! One thing's for sure:  next semester, I will not spread myself so thin again, especially with the tougher coursework coming my way.

Due to the recent changes in Etsy's policies, I have opened another shop called Noir Fairytale on Zibbet. I really like the fact that Zibbet does not charge a listing fee or collect commission from artisans. I also like their commitment to crafts made by the artist and not by third parties. For the time being, I am planning to keep my Etsy shop open, since Etsy is more well known and has more traffic than Zibbet (I think, at least). So far, most of my listings on Noir Fairytale has been imported from my Etsy shop U-Neek Style, but I am working on a new line of pieces that is inspired by Noir Fairytale. So, why the new shop name, you ask?

The meaning of Noir Fairytale (or what I interpret it to mean) is "dark fairytale." The word noir can mean many things...from dark to black to being suggestive of danger or violence. And, of course, the word fairytale means a narrative of the magical and the imaginary. For this shop, my new line of pieces will feature a contrast of bold, vibrant colors (instead of the usual pastels) with a dainty, Victorian design. In addition, the pieces will be stylish and unique instead of ordinary.

I have been having issues uploading new product photos to Zibbet (minus the ones I imported from Etsy), so if anyone can shed light on this issue, please do! It will be a while before I can start listing my new piece "The Contempt" as part of the Noir Fairytale line, since Zibbet is not cooperating with me, but here is a sneak peek of the kind of pieces you can expect from Noir Fairytale.

The Contempt by Noir Fairytale
- Nicole :]

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