Friday, December 7, 2012

Haircut, Finger Cut, & Crafting

Last weekend, I gave myself a haircut. I've been giving myself haircuts since I was in the 7th grade. It's nothing new. Just a snip here and there for the layered look and side swept bangs. Typical, very typical...except...this time, I accidentally cut my finger! Now, I didn't chop my finger off, per se, but my finger had a really deep cut. The cut is healed now, even though it still hurts when I put pressure on it. Here's my haircut:

What do you all think? The haircut doesn't look too bad, right? I've been way overdue for a haircut!

Anyways, even though I cut my finger, I properly bandaged it and continued crafting! Here are some new pieces I posted on my Etsy shop today (Some of the pieces were made last weekend, but I was too lazy to upload the pictures and get the piece posted):

That's quite a bit of new pieces for my shop, right? All of these new pieces are a result of my craze for crafting. Stay tuned and follow my blog for updates of new pieces I come up with! I just did a massive shopping trip at nearby craft expect something new and U-Neek in my next post! (*hint, hint*)

- Nicole :]


  1. Your hair looks awesome, Nicole! It's so brave of you to cut it yourself! I can only trim my fringe.

  2. Thanks Ana! I've had years of practice on my own hair. :]