Monday, November 19, 2012

Joining the Blogging World

Hey everyone!

I have finally joined the blogging world, in hopes that 1) more people will shop at my Etsy shop and that 2) the people buying my pieces have a chance to get to know me. Since it is my first time ever running an Etsy business/shop, any and all help is appreciated!

Here are some scarves I have made and posted in my shop so far (You can access my shop by clicking on the icon on the right):

Simple Knit Collection - Golden Mustard
Simple Knit Collection - Red Ketchup
Simple Knit Collection - Ocean Blue
Love my scarves and my work so far? Follow me! I'll be working on more complex/different styles in the next few weeks...and there may be promos/freebies in the future!

- Nicole :]

Neek Factoid #1: My favorite color is purple, particularly lavender. That's probably why my blog's background color is purple. :]


  1. Welcome yo the blogging world just watch out it can be addictive,,,love your scarves,I am going to check them out,,,here is my blog come have a look.

  2. Thank you, Devon! I am sure I am going to love blogging too! Let me know if you have any suggestions or improvements I can make to my Etsy shop (since I see that you're a fellow Etsy shop owner too). :]