Thursday, November 29, 2012

Infinity + Fancy Knit Scarf!

I have finally finished my second infinity scarf, and it's up on my Etsy shop! It was kind of time consuming to make because of the tighter stitches and the edging, but it's worth it if it can keep someone warm. I made the infinity scarf in gray because my grandpa was sent to the hospital recently, so both his and my grandma's days have been pretty cloudy and gray. His from being stuck in a hospital with IVs in his arms and my grandma's from not being able to see her lifelong partner because he's in the hospital. Behind every cloud, there is the sun waiting to break through. I hope that this scarf can keep people warm and happy to infinity and beyond, even if they are going through some cloudy, gray times. The scarf is made with tight knit stitches and features edge stitching on both ends of the infinity scarf.

In addition to my infinity scarf, I added a new color variation to one of my fancy knit scarves. The color of the scarf matches perfectly with the felt camellia flower hair tie/brooch. You can combine the two together to create some new, U-Neek looks.

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- Nicole :]


  1. These are very cool Nicole! Hope your grandpa feels better soon!

  2. Thank you, Ana! He's still in the hospital, but he seems to be improving a bit! It's a start! :]